A Data Exploration Tool

Data Exploration Tool is a 4 days exercise exploring an over 800,000 items large data set. It is the result of following and visualizing patterns found within the given data set where 3 discoveries have been made and documented. Here, the Data Exploration Tool is used to describe methods rather than a finished tool to find patterns, similarities, relationships and more within an unknown set of data.


The software based tool was prototyped using the Processing programming environment and OpenGL. A custom-built user interface allows for easily navigating the data set projected onto a map of Singapore. Following the raw data examination in a text editor certain patterns inside the data set were detected and further explored. For example we were able to extract single user profiles and their movement-behavior based on their unique identifiers. Playing back the provided data set over time allowed us to visualize the changing weather conditions for the period of a week.

The Data Exploration Tool serves as an example to examine a data set with open source software and creatinve coding techniques by which certain patterns are reveal and visualized.

Single User Profiles




Weather Transitions



Data Fly-through

Urban Explorations Project