Urban Explorations

The Urban Explorations project stems from an interest in documenting the various phenomena in the urban landscape. Through the retrieval of images, sound, colours, smell, merely collecting objects discarded by people and other forms of data samples, it aims to investigate what ordinarily goes on within a city environment.

Through a strategy called urban sensing, a team of explorers utilized custom-built instruments in which recordings and observations are visually translated. With these data, they then provide a deeper but preliminary understanding about the activities and the locations that are visited. The objects and artefacts that are exhibited not only provided a glimpse of the explorers’ perceptions and observations, but were also intended to ignite questions and generate dialogues how to navigate, perceive and iterpret an urban landscape.


The project began in 2012 in Singapore and has completed its second iteration in 2015 in Paris. Outcomes of both explorations are exhibited at the National Design Centre Singapore from 1 - 17 October 2012.

Urban Explorations Paris
Urban Explorations Singapore
Urban Explorations Exhibition